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As Michigan’s original unit of government, townships are deeply rooted in Michigan’s early history. Today there are 1,240 townships in the state, and townships govern 96 percent of Michigan’s land area (outside of cities). Putnam Township was organized in May of 1836.

Our Township citizens aren’t led by an executive, but rather by a board, elected by and accountable to the Township’s residents. All board members are required to live in the township. The Board consists of seven  members - a supervisor, clerk, treasurer, and four trustees.

Putnam, and all Michigan townships, are charged with specific functions that they are required to perform. The three broadest mandated responsibilities are assessment administration, elections administration and tax collection. These functions are legally assigned to the supervisor, clerk and treasurer, respectively. Trustees are the Township’s legislatures and are required to vote on all issues. They are also responsible for the Township’s financial health.

There are additional statutory requirements with which Putnam Township must comply. Procedures for the Township’s financial administration, such as budgets, accounting, investments and deposits, are closely regulated by the state. Putnam Township’s meetings must comply with Michigan’s Open Meetings Act and Township records must be stored and made available in conformance with specific laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act.

Putnam Township also focuses considerable attention on land use regulations, which helps to promote orderly growth in the community, and protect its natural features and property values. 

Putnam Township, under guidelines provided by the State of Michigan, has designed its government and services to fit the individual needs of our residents. We are proud of our elected officials, our staff and you, our Township residents.

*Information on this page came from MIchigan State University - Understanding Townships in Michigan and the Michigan Townships Association. 

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