There are two cemeteries located in Putnam Township: Gilkes and Sprout. Another cemetery is located in the Village of Pinckney. If you would like information regarding the Pinckney Cemetery, contact the Village directly at 734-878-6206.

Gilkes Cemetery is located on the southwest corner of Cedar Lake and Schafer Roads. Sprout Cemetery sits on the north side of W. M-36, just east of Kelly Road. Both are about one acre in area, but little information exists about when they were platted, or by whom. Both are historic cemeteries, with the oldest headstones in each from 1836 (Gilkes) and 1841 (Sprout). 

The Township is responsible for maintaining both cemeteries, and restoration work took place in 2020 and 2021. More work is planned for 2022.

Neither cemetery has lots available for purchase.

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