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If you've ever thought about serving your community, there are many opportunities here in Putnam Township. From participating at a community meeting to volunteering at a senior event, active citizens are vital to our Township.

Board of Trustees
The Putnam Township Board of Trustees consists of seven members, who serve four-year terms. All are elected by the residents of Putnam Township. Members of the Board make important decisions that directly affect the health and safety of our residents and the best interests of our Township. Click here for more information about running for township office.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission makes decisions regarding land use in the Township. The Commission has seven members that are each recommended for the position by the Township Supervisor, then approved by a vote of the Township Board. Members serve three-year terms. 

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)
Putnam Township’s ZBA consists of seven members, all appointed to three-year terms. The ZBA is responsible for interpreting our Zoning Ordinance, deciding variance requests, and hearing appeals of those who are affected by any provision of the Ordinance. 

Board of Review
The Board of Review hears appeals from property owners regarding valuation of their property, made by the Township’s Assessor. The Board of Review consists of three local community members, who are elected by the Board of Trustees and serve two-year terms.

Senior Activities
Senior Activities at Putnam Township are now located at the new Community Center, attached to the Township Hall. The Department hosts many different activities in any given week and volunteers to help are always welcome.

Election Day Worker
Election workers play a vital role in our election process and they are essential in ensuring that voting day runs smoothly. Putnam Township needs help in several different capacities in preparing for, and running our elections. For more information, visit to our Elections and Voting page.

If you have questions or would like more information about how you can get involved, contact the Township Office.

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