New Short-Term Rental Policy

The Township Board recently passed an ordinance, effective June 22, 2024, that severely limits commercial activity known as short-term rental of residential property. Short-Term Rentals (STRs), are rentals for less than 28 nights. STRs have never been allowed in Putnam Township. What started as a way for property owners to rent extra space in their homes to vacationers has now become a booming commercial venture that is negatively impacting our residents.

STRs in Putnam Township are mostly advertised as waterfront or lake access properties. Outside investors have flooded the market for lakefront real estate resulting in fewer homes available for those who want to live on a lake. These investors often try to maximize the available sleeping arrangements, making their properties attractive to larger families or parties. In turn, this creates parking problems for the small gravel roads surrounding the lakes, adds burden on sewer and septic systems, and creates public safety and nuisance issues.

More importantly, STRs disturb the quiet enjoyment expected by our lakefront residents. We simply do not have the resources required to monitor everything that could go wrong with STRs. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our residents, and we hope that this new ordinance will help them peacefully enjoy their homes.

The full text of the Ordinance can be found here.  And for your reference, a copy of our Municipal Civil Infractions Ordinance can be found here.

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