Dust in the Wind! Updated.

There are still many questions being asked about dust control for our roads. I mentioned in an earlier article about the fact that our budget only allows for three (3) chloride treatments each fiscal year. The township pays for those treatments to the tune of over $110,000 per year. But we are at the mercy of the County when it comes to when those treatments are done. I asked for treatments to begin by May 15, but the County did not have grading equipment available for Putnam Township until the May 26. They are still shorthanded on equipment due to the number of road projects going on all around the County, but they are making their way through the Township.

I’m told they expect to finish in the next couple of days. But that doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. The ideal conditions for grading and applying dust control is rain first, followed by grading, followed by dust control, followed by more light rain or drizzle. Rain and drizzle are not things that we can control, and neither the Township nor the County has the resources (trucks and manpower) to follow the chloride trucks around with water sprayers.

The result is that when the brine applied, it is quickly absorbed into the dry roads, and it appears that nothing has been done because that light rain or drizzle never comes. As I write this, the first chance of rain appears to be at least 5 days away and it’s only a 30% chance at that. If you haven’t noticed, we are in the midst of a drought, which is why we also have a burn ban in effect in our Township.

As much as I would love to solve the problems brought about by these drought conditions, I will leave that in more capable hands. Stay safe, watch for fire hazards, and do whatever it is you do when we desperately need rain!

Dennis Brennan, Supervisor


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