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Elections and Voting

Get voter and election information?
Comprehensive information regarding voting and elections can be found on our Elections and Voting page.
Register to vote?
Eligible residents can register to vote at the Putnam Township Hall, the Livingston County Clerk’s office, or at any Michigan Secretary of State office. Additionally, you can fill out the Voter Registration Application and drop it at the Township Hall or return it via U.S. mail. Finally, you can register to vote online at the Michigan Online Voter Registration website.


Find a form?
All Putnam Township forms can be found here.
Find a notary?
We have several notaries on staff at the Township Hall that are typically available during regular business hours. While no appointment is necessary for this service, please call the Township before coming in, just to make sure a notary is here to assist you. There is no fee for this service.
Find trash pick up and recycling?
Several trash pick up and recycling companies service Putnam Township. This resource is not offered by the Township, but rather, residents are able to hire whichever company best fits their needs.  A non-inclusive list of companies who pick up in Putnam includes:

The Garbage Man. 810-225-3001 -
Titan's Trash. 517-260-4372 -
Granger Waste Services. 517-372-2800 -
Waste Management.

*Residents of the Village of Pinckney are exclusively serviced by Granger.

Get a dog license?
Dog licenses can be purchased at the Township or directly from Livingston County.  Visit our Dog License page  for more information.
Reserve the Township Square?
The Township Square, located in the Village of Pinckney is available to rent. Click here for more information and an application.
Submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?
To make a FOIA request, for other forms and for detailed FOIA information, click here.
Find a form?
Forms can be found on their related pages or for a document center showing all forms, click here.


Pay my taxes?
Paying your taxes has never been more convenient. Click here for complete tax payment information.


File a zoning complaint?
You can file a complaint by filling out the Zoning Complaint Form and returning it in person to Putnam Township, or by emailing to our Code Enforcement Officer at
Get a building permit?
Building permits are required by the Livingston County Building Department for the construction or alteration of any residential or commercial structure. More information about permits is available through this link.  Before you apply for a building permit, Zoning Compliance Permit paperwork should be filled out at Putnam Township. Contact our Zoning Administrator at
Do I need a Zoning Compliance Permit before I apply for a building permit?
Yes. Find Putnam's Zoning Compliance Permit here. The packet also contains information about the permit process. Information about a building permit can be obtained through the Livingston County Building Department. If you have questions about the process, contact our Zoning Administrator at
Register a home based business?
Fill out the Home Based Business Permit and return to the Township Hall. The application can also be emailed to the Zoning Administrator at
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