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Township Supervisor

Supervisor's Office hours are Mon. - Wed. from 9 a.m. - noon & 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Dennis Brennan.
Putnam Township Supervisor

Dennis Brennan was elected Township Supervisor in November of 2016, and serves the community through his leadership at the Township Hall. His responsibilities are varied and include acting as a legal agent on behalf of the Township, preparing Township budgets, and overseeing the daily operations at the Hall.

Dennis is a coequal member of the seven-person Township Board. He moderates meetings, helps to formulate policies, supervises their implementation and casts his vote on issues that come before the Board. He is responsible for maintaining all records of the Township Board. Dennis also serves as Chairperson of the Land Division Committee.

As the assessment administrator, Dennis oversees the operations of the Assessor’s office. He serves as secretary to the Board of Review and is in charge of keeping records of the Board proceedings and any changes made to assessment rolls.

Dennis represents the Township at the county level, and works directly with the local Chamber of Commerce in supporting healthy businesses in our community.

Dennis is available to assist residents of Putnam Township through email, phone calls and public meetings.

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