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Treasurer FAQs


When will I receive my tax bill?
Summer tax bills are mailed on July 1 and winter tax bills are mailed December 1. If you don't receive your bill, please call the Treasurer's Department at 734-878-3131.
How secure is Putnam Township's online payment system?
We utilize Point & Pay for electronic payments. Point & Pay is an online payment service that allows government agencies to accept electronic payments from its residents. The system has been tested and proven to be safe. The IRS and more than 2,200 state and local governments have chosen Point & Pay for their online payment services.
Can I make partial payments on my tax bill?
Township residents have the option of making partial payments toward their total tax due. This option is available for both the summer and winter taxes, but can only be made during the current tax collection season. On March 1, all delinquent taxes are turned over to Livingston County. Contact the Livingston County Treasurer at 517-546-7010 for further information on paying your taxes after March 1.
Why is there a convenience fee for credit card payments?
Credit card companies charge a service fee to establishments for each credit card payment they accept. The fee is not charged by, or paid to, Putnam Township.
Why doesn't the Township pay the convenience fee?
The State of Michigan does not allow public funds to be used for this purpose.

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