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Dog Licenses

Did you know that the State of Michigan requires annual licensing of all dogs that are four months of age, or older? Licensing helps to protect communities by ensuring that dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

One- or three- year licenses can be purchased at the Treasurer’s Office at the Township Hall,  Mon. - Thurs., during regular business hours. They can also be purchased online from Livingston County through the link in the green box on this page. A three-year license requires your dog’s rabies vaccination to be valid for the entire three-year period. Livingston County sends a postcard, reminding you about license renewal, approximately two months prior to expiration, which is always the month of their rabies vaccination.

Costs for dog licenses are: 

Spayed or neutered dogs; 1 year, $10; 3 year, $25.

Unaltered dogs; 1 year, $25; 3 year, $60.

Replacement tags are $5 each.

New dog owners and new residents to Putnam Township should license their dogs within 30 days of bringing them home, or moving to the Township. There is no fee to license a service dog. 


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