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Board of Review

The role of the Board of Review (BOR) is to receive and hear taxpayer appeals of their property assessment, property classification and process applications for hardship exemptions. The BOR is composed of citizens of our community.

There are three BOR members in Putnam Township. Members are appointed by the Board of Trustees and serve two-year terms. The BOR meets three times per year, in March, July, and December. In March, the BOR hears appeals regarding property taxes. In July and December, any clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact are corrected. Poverty and Veterans Exemptions can be heard at any of the three BOR meetings.

If you wish to participate in Township government by serving on the Board of Review, please send a resume to with a message indicating your interest in serving. When we have an opening to fill, you will be contacted for more information and a possible interview by the Board of Trustees.

If you believe your home’s assessed value isn’t correct, start by contacting Putnam Township’s Assessor, Amy Pashby at She has knowledge and tools at her disposal to answer your questions, or direct inquiries as needed.


How do I file an appeal of my property assessment?
Appeals of residential property values begin by submitting a Petition to the Board of Review for the March Board of Review meeting. Information regarding the dates and times the Board meets is on your annual assessment notice. If you are not satisfied by a Board of Review decision, appeals of the decision can be filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal by July 31. 
Does everyone wishing to file an appeal have to appear in person to the Board of Review meeting?
A taxpayer may file a protest in writing and is not required to make a personal appearance.

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