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New Township Burn Ordinance

Putnam Township has updated its burn ordinance to remain consistent with the latest International Fire Code. Burn Permits are no longer required, but all fires should adhere to the new guidelines.

170.6 Open Burning
Effective Date: Friday, April 15, 2022

The purpose of this section is to control and regulate open burn fires, to provide reimbursement to Putnam Township for hazardous and toxic materials being burned, to provide guidance to be able to burn in Putnam Township.

          1.    Open burning of yard waste, tree branches, leaves, and grass clippings is allowed from sunrise to sundown. 
          2.    It is the responsibility of the property owner to check with the Putnam Township Fire Department by telephone or by accessing their website to determine if it is                    safe to burn. The Fire Department will post open fire bans and advisories on it's website.
          3.    Open burning must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. 50 feet from a structure or power line
    2. Burn area must be no bigger than 4 x 4 feet
    3. All fires must be attended by an adult of 18 years or older
    4. A water source must be available and working whenever burning
    5. An approved burn barrel or fire pit that allows for containment of contents being burned is high recommended
    6. All burning of approved items must be done by owner of property
    7. Smoke plume shall not create a nuisance
    8. Construction materials, garbage, and any other man-made materials are prohibited from burning
    9. No accelerants can be used to start or maintain an open burn
    10. All fires must be extinguished by sundown
          4.    Putnam Township Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and/or his/her designee are allowed to have a homeowner extinguish an open burn fire if the guidelines set forth                                  above are not met.
          5.    Putnam Township Fire Chief, Fire Marshal and/or his/her designee has the right to charge for multiple offenses of this Ordinance.

**Yard waste burning is not allowed in the Village of Pinckney.**


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